Thursday, May 2, 2013

That Clucking Book Club in Pittsburgh (yep, Texas) Takes on THE DEVIL OF LIGHT

Many thanks to That Clucking Book Club in Pittsburgh, Texas for having me over to discuss THE DEVIL OF LIGHT! They're a fabulous group of book lovers and we had a great time talking local politics and books. (The wine and food were excellent, too.)


THE DEVIL OF LIGHT is a gritty mystery set in East Texas, and the ladies were a little surprised to find that the twisted personality who wrote the book (yours truly) doesn't have two heads or carry around a blood tipped drill (read the book for more on the drill)! We talked idea generation, plot, writing habits, writer's block, and touched on how to self-publish. Feedback about the story was positive, and Cass Elliot was everybody's favorite character.

Thanks again to the book club for their welcome and a great evening!

* Shameless bit of self-promotion - Looking for your book club's next read? Visit Amazon to see if THE DEVIL OF LIGHT is the right fit for your group! *


  1. For Texas, we drop the "h" off the end of Pittsburg. Who knows why Pennsylvania has the extra "h"? Sounds like a fun time with the book club. Congratulations.

    1. Doh! Many thanks, James! My husband plays at Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards near Pittsburg (no 'h'...), and I'm sure I've spelled the city's name wrong every time I've Facebooked or tweeted it.

      Have a great weekend!