Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Second Cass Elliot Crime Novel, AVENGERS OF BLOOD, Hits Amazon!

The second book in the Cass Elliot Crime series, AVENGERS OF BLOOD, has landed on the virtual shelves at Amazon!

A deadly game of cat and mouse is playing out in Forney County… 

Detective Cass Elliot is still on suspension after killing a fellow officer and Sheriff Hoffner refuses to sign her release papers. But when four people are murdered in one night, one with the exceptional brutality of a lynching, the Medical Examiner side-steps Hoffner to hire Cass and loan her to Forney County’s overstretched police department.

As Cass and her partner investigate, they realize that three of the murders were committed by the same person but find no connection between the victims. Their frustration intensifies when another victim survives and disappears instead of coming to the police.

Sheriff Hoffner is frantic about anonymous letters claiming one of his star officers is dirty, and Cass suspects a link to the current crimes. The pieces fall together when she uncovers the true identity of the man who was lynched, revealing connections between the victims, the killer, and an unpunished crime committed nearly fifty years ago.

"Avengers doesn't disappoint--all your favorite rednecks are back, plus some great new ones. I stayed up way too late again and loved every minute of it."
Toby Neal - Author of the Lei Crime Series

Thanks to everyone who read THE DEVIL OF LIGHT and urged me on to book two. There's more murder and mayhem in store in AVENGERS OF BLOOD - watch out Forney County!


  1. Gae-Lynn, Congratulations on book 2. I really enjoyed The Devil of Light and look forward to reading this one.
    Go get 'em.

    1. Thanks so much, Stephen. I'm excited about Avengers of Blood and hope you enjoy it!

  2. If the new book is as good as The Devil of Light, you have a winner. And, knowing you, it's probably even better. I live in East Texas, the landscape where you locate your novels, and I feel as though I know everybody who lives on the pages of your novel.