Tuesday, November 10, 2020

#NewRelease from @ScottTheWriter - The Children of the Seventh Son #HistoricalFantasy

I'm excited to share with you a dark excerpt from The Children of the Seventh Son, Book 2 in author Scott Bury's The Dark Age trilogy. Scott's new book is available on November 13, 2020 - pre-order on Amazon for the special price of 99 cents US to ensure delivery to your favorite reading device!

Scott is an incredibly versatile author, publishing books in multiple genres and for all ages. From books for kids to a memoir in novel form about his father-in-law's experiences in World Word II, to mysteries set in lush Hawaii and California's romantic wine country, to his historical fantasy trilogy, Scott offers something for everyone. Check out the excerpt from The Children of the Seventh Son below, and you'll discover why Scott is an author worth reading.



A conspiracy in victorious Rome

    What they saw, first, was a glorious troop of legionnaires bearing long spears, their armour shining, bristles on their helmets tall and proud, their scarlet cloaks bouncing in time with their steps.
    Behind them, the prisoners: dirty men in ragged, torn clothes, chained at the wrists and ankles, shoulders slumped, heads hanging, exhausted and defeated.
    “The Gepids,” Malleus said. “It is said that Priscus defeated them in four consecutive battles, killing thirty thousand, and bringing back eighteen thousand prisoners.”
    Javor’s mind whirled at the numbers. Thirty thousand dead? He tried to imagine thirty thousand dead bodies on a field, then pushed away the horrifying image. He concentrated on watching the parade of misery and pride. 
    Malleus leaned his head on Javor’s shoulder. His voice was low, soft, his words quick. “I am walking a very narrow path, my friend. The emperor understands how vital the Order’s support will be. And I mean the Order, the secret Gnostic Order, not the Order of St. Mary of Chalkoprateia.”
    Javor kept his eyes on the endless parade of ragged, chained men. 
    “That means that now, secrecy is more important than ever,” Malleus continued. No one else could hear them. Javor concentrated to make certain that he did not miss a word. 

    “That is because we must be seen to be working closely with the Church and the Patriarch in resisting, and defeating the enemies of Rome. But the position of the Orthodox Church of Rome has hardened against perceived heretics, outsiders and especially Gnostics.”
    “Then why work with them?” Javor asked, keeping his voice as low as Malleus’.
    “Because protecting civilization will require more than the Order and the Empire itself. Remember that Rome faces many enemies. The Sassanians. The Avars. The various barbarians that shattered the Western Empire. All civilizations, Roman and Sassanid, even the barbarians, must learn to resist the chthonic forces together, or we are lost. And I fear we will not find unity.”
    Prisoners continued to stream past, many stumbling, moving again only when whipped by the Legionnaires who marched, shining and proud along the edges of the Mese. Javor thought about Malleus’ words. “What about Gracian?”
    “Especially Gracian. Gracian comes from the Church. He is a believer in the decisions of the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon. Which means he fervently rejects any deviation from the Orthodox doctrines.”
    “Then why have you made him your second-in-command?”
    “The Patriarch insisted. That is what I mean by a narrow path. I must be able to mobilize the full strength of the secret Order—such as you, Javor—in secret, without the knowledge of the Church, yet in coordination with it.
    “That means, Javor, that you and I will have to limit our direct communication. And you must never, never mention anything about the Order, Gnostic knowledge or anything about our true nature in Gracian’s presence. Do you understand?” 
    Javor nodded, feeling a tingle in his spine and a weight in his gut.

About this book

The Children of the Seventh Son is the second novel in the Dark Age series, which began with The Bones of the Earth.
The year 600 of the Christian Era is the darkest time of the Dark Age. Young Javor the Sklavene has settled in Constantinople, the last bastion of civilization against dark forces that have shattered the Western Roman Empire. 
Wielding two special weapons made from the Bones of the Earth, Javor has become the favourite monster-killer of the secret Gnostic Order. As his young family grows, he is sent to distant, exotic lands to eliminate threats and learn more about why the earth is intent on destroying humanity.
Every mission seems to bring more questions than answers—until he finds the greatest danger comes not from forces from beneath the surface of the world, but from the very civilization he has been defending.
Read more about The Dark Age series.

About the author

Scott Bury can’t stay in one genre. After a 20-year career in journalism, he turned to writing fiction. Sam, the Strawb Part, a children’s story, came out in 2011, with all the proceeds going to an autism charity. Next was a paranormal short story for grown-ups, Dark Clouds.

The Bones of the Earth, a historical fantasy, came out in 2012. It was followed in 2013 with One Shade of Red, an erotic romance.

He's written several mysteries and thrillers, including Torn Roots, Palm Trees & Snowflakes and Wildfire.

Scott’s articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in Canada, the US, UK and Australia.

He has two mighty sons, two pesky cats and a loving wife who puts up with a lot. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

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