Monday, October 3, 2016

For Those Who Are Hurting - What #Love Looks Like (#Kids #Divorce #Pain)

There's a young woman in my life who is going through a hell of a time with her parent's divorce. It's not the divorce itself that's giving her fits, she's moving through that. It's her mother's verbal abuse (driven, I think, by feelings of guilt over her affair and abandoning her kids) that is causing this young woman such pain.

She's dealing with her mother with grace and courage, and her attitude in the face of such negativity is inspirational. I have faith that this young woman will come through this time a stronger person, but at the moment, she's suffering.

I doubt she'll see this post, but there are others who need to be reminded of what love, any kind of love, really looks like. Parental love, spousal love, love for friends and co-workers, love for pets, even love for strangers.

I hope this will encourage someone in both the giving of love and understanding what pure love looks like, and perhaps more importantly, what it does not.