Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Want to go to New Zealand? Come visit @KarenMcMillanNZ 's Blog with Me!

For the month of July, I'm New Zealand author Karen McMillan's Guest of the Month!

It was quite exciting making the visit to Karen's, first trekking through Central America and down to Brazil, then swimming to Africa and walking across The Congo and Tanzania, making the short swim to Madagascar (had to stop for the spices), then swimming to Austrailia and trekking again (at least it's winter there), then finally making the swim to New Zealand! What a trip, but it was well worth the effort.

(Yes, yes, I could've trekked down through Central America and hopped into the Pacific Ocean from Peru, or maybe Chile, but going the long way around was much more fun!)

Haven't met Karen yet? She writes both non-fiction and fiction, does freelance work, and takes on the occasional ghost-writing gig. Stop by for our chat, and while you're there, say hello and check out her books!

Click HERE for our interview.


  1. This was a fine interview, interesting; and your responses, Gae-Lynn, were real and vivid. Most interviews I find boring, but Karen gets full marks for questions that brought you to the surface and kudos to you for answering them from who you are. I enjoy getting to know you better with each encounter.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit Karen's blog and to leave a comment here, Christina. Interview questions can often be repetitive or boring, but Karen did a great job. Glad you enjoyed it!