Friday, September 1, 2017

Sometimes a Girl Just Needs a Change - New Cover for A CASE OF SOUR GRAPES #mystery #amreading

You know how it is. One day, you're perfectly fine with the cover for a novel, then the next day? It's not that there's anything wrong with the original cover, but you're just ready for a change. Something a tad different. And that's what we've ended up with for A CASE OF SOUR GRAPES.

The story's main character, Maxine Leverman, isn't sure what to think. She loves the fact that her legs and a pair of her favorite shoes were featured on the original cover, but kind of digs the sophisticated vibe of the new cover, because she's that kind of gal. (On Maxine's ideal cover, we'd no doubt feature her legs, a gorgeous handbag, and the tipsy glass of wine...)

What do you think of the new cover (reds) versus the original (blues)?


  1. Still looking forward to your next Cass Elliott book. Hope it's coming soon.

    michael 11/30/18

    1. Thanks so much, Michael! I'm working on a new novel and trying my hand at a novella. I appreciate your encouragement!