Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sweet Tea and A Visit with Southern Humorist Lucy Adams (@lucyadams)

Photo by Patrick Blount
I have the pleasure of visiting Southern author Lucy Adams' blog as her guest for the month of March! Lucy's kindly allowed me to share the incident that inspired the first Cass Elliot crime novel, THE DEVIL OF LIGHT. Grab a cup of coffee or, as we're getting closer to spring here in the South, a glass of sweet iced tea, and pop around to Lucy's blog to check out the story behind the story and read a brief excerpt from the book.

You haven't met Lucy Adams? She writes humorous books that give readers a sense of the Southern hometown, with all the achingly familiar hilarity that goes with it. Lucy's a true Southern woman - charming, intelligent, funny, and with a good dose of grit to keep the steel in her spine! Take a minute to visit Lucy on Amazon - the titles of her books tell you all you need to know about Lucy's sense of humor: IF MAMA DON'T LAUGH, IT AIN'T FUNNY and (my favorite) TUCK YOUR SKIRT IN YOUR PANTIES AND RUN.

You can follow Lucy on Google+ (+Lucy Adams) and on Twitter (@lucyadams).

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my visit with Lucy! (here)


  1. Love those book titles. Especially the Tuck Your Skirt in your Panties. Ever done it accidentally? Just too funny

    1. Too funny! To my knowledge, Shirley, I haven't tucked my skirt in my panties, although I've seen it happen to another gal (we stopped to let her know - she was most grateful). Thanks for stopping by.